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Mary Ellen’s Gulch – American Fork Canyon – Utah

Mary Ellen’s Gulch is one of our favorite rides up American Fork Canyon in Utah. In the spring and early summer the trail acts as a small stream handling water that runs down to the American Fork river. In late summer the trail is dry and rocky, but anytime of the year this is an amazing trail full of breathtaking scenery.┬áThere are a couple mines and and old cabin hiding up in the hills that are a lot of fun to stop and explore, or to pull off and have a nice picnic with the family.

Mary Ellen’s Gulch is an intermediate trail with some more advanced obstacles the further up the trail you go. This trail like most of the trails around the canyon is an old mining road, I don’t imagine that the miners back in the 1800’s had any idea their work would be the playground to off road enthusiasts. This trail is mostly dirt or loose rock with sections of boulders, and rock outcrops that make great obstacles for the rock-crawlers out there.

We will be documenting this trail in detail this year, and will be updating this page with plenty of pictures and video!


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